Triangle 10 HB 250 mL

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For vaccination against IBR, BVD Types I and II, PI3, BRSV, and 5 strains of Leptospirosis caused by Leptospira pamona, L. hardjo, L. grippotyphosa, L. canicola, and L. icterohaemorrhagiae, prevention of urinary shedding of L. borgpetersenii serovar hardjo in Heifers 10 months of age and older, and as an aid in the reduction of clinical disease due to IBR. Vaccinated animals subsequently exposed to L. borgpetersenii serovar hardjo have been shown to clear renal infections within 8 weeks of exposure. Give 5 ml SQ or IM. Repeat in 2-4 weeks. Calves vaccinated before 6 months of age should be revaccinated at 6 months of age. Annual booster is recommended. Safe for pregnant cows.

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